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Asian-style Fish with Ranieri OliveOil and Soysauce


  • 1 whole fish – (seabass or salmon are a good fit with this recipe. For fish without bones, a big piece of filet on the skin can be used.)
  • 250 ml mediterranea or Ranieri oil
  • 250 ml light soysauce
  • handful of fresh, roughly cut cilantro
  • 5 finely cut spring onions
  • 3 cm finely grated ginger


Steam, the fish in tin foil in the oven (+/- 10 minutes per 500g at 200C) or in a fishpan. Place the fish on a deep serving plate. Cut 3 cuts of 0.5cm in the skin of the fish, and place the cilantro, onion and ginger on the fish. Bring the Oil to the highest cookingpoint (It should NOT smoke! 190/200C) so the Oil hisses when being poured over the herbs. This brings out a good taste and smell of the herbs. Lightly heat the soysauce and pour over the fish aswell. Delicious in combination with rice or quinoa!