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Did you know…that you can make mashed potatoes with extra virgin OliveOil?

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Mashed potatoes with OliveOil are so creamy and absolutely delicious, with no butter or cream. The fruity OliveOil gives these dairy-free, vegan mashed potatoes their great flavor and texture.

  1. Start the potatoes in a pot of cold water for even cooking. If you add potatoes to boiling water, the outside will cook faster than the interior and you’ll either have parts that are overcooked or parts that are undercooked.
  2. Add salt to the potato cooking water.
  3. After cooking, drain them, return them to the cooking pot, and toss them over medium heat for a minute or two, until they’re fluffed up and dry.
  4. Add the OliveOil to the hot, dry potatoes before adding liquid. The potatoes will absorb the fat and will have a silkier texture.
  5. Very important: don’t over mash! Over mashing breaks down the potato’s starch molecules. So, the less you mess with cooked potatoes, the better. Best practice is to use a potato ricer, if you have one. If not, an old fashioned hand masher works as well. Mash as few strokes as possible to keep the potatoes light and fluffy.



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