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Savantes is coming to Amsterdam!

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Savantes is coming to Amsterdam!

March 7th – 9th 2018!

In the past decade Savantes has grown into a worldwide movement presenting intensive extra virgin OliveOil (EVOO) tasting programs, competitions and conferences.

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your expertise on OliveOil as well as improve and test your tasting skills.

During this special 3-day programme, you will have the chance to taste some of the world’s best extra virgin OliveOils.

You will discover current market trends, learn more about EVOO marketing and find out more about health benefits and culinary uses of OliveOil!

GreenBites participated in the Savantes tasting event in Seville last year – and we absolutely loved it!

Don’t want to miss this chance?

Early discount bookings close soon – get your tickets here:

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