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Gluten-free coconut flour-OliveOil-Chocolate cake ....

Gluten-free coconut flour-OliveOil-Chocolate cake ....

Back in rainy Amsterdam from a sunny holiday in amazing Sri Lanka, I had a strong longing for two things .... delicious OliveOil and Chocolate and the curious wish to bake a cake with coconut ... which was omnipresent on that beautiful island. The result was a new recipe: A gluten-free, easy to make, super-dark chocolate cake based on coconut flour and ...of course good OliveOil:

Take 180ml good extra-virgin, tasty, but mild OliveOil (I.e Zambujeiro or Agrestis Bell’Omio) and mix with 150g sugar (palm/coconut sugar will need 180g... this is already quite little) . Add 4 eggs one by one and keep mixing.... Mix 8Og coconut flour, 80g cacao powder and 1 package of baking powder wel ... and add slowly to OliveOil-sugar-egg mixture; add a pinch of salt & READY!! Put on slow temperature -150 degrees for 40min in oven ...this is truly a match heaven ... chocolate & Oliveoil ... and gluten-free!!!!