GreenBites Delivery Policy


GreenBites is not a regular webshop. We are a not-for-profit initiative. That means that we try to make the logistic process as efficient as possible to save money for our famers and GreenBites friends.

Which means that you can expect your goodies ca.  3-4 weeks after your consolidated order in February and September.


After closing the order period of 1 week it is not possible to order via our GreenBites website anymore until the next round 6 months later. Make sure that you order enough supply for you, your family, your friends or any foodie you care about.


Desperate? The good news is you will be able to order via the links on our products to the regular marketplaces ( & amazon). Also those are supplied directly by  the farmers – but with the marketplaces as platform the prices are the regular retail prices.


Do you have questions about your order? Send us an e-mail to