Our Farmers

Our passion for healthy, sustainable and delicious food drives us every year to search for the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils. In Mediterranean countries olive trees flourish because of the exceptional climate and fertile soil. This results in a wide selection of tastes and fragrances of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. From grassy to fruity, with notes of rosemary or pepper – we are surprised every time at how many notes and tones this healthy product can have.

When we are selecting Extra Virgin Olive Oils everything is important: aroma, complexity of flavor, orchard maintenance (from enriching the soil to harvesting), production and storage process. We consider so many things not only because we appreciate taste but also because we want our Extra Virgin Olive Oils have the highest nutritious value and this is only possible if all the stages are at a high standard. The farmers with whom we work don’t use artificial watering or inorganic fertilizers. 95% of our products have been awarded an organic certification by the European Union. We are proud of the farmers we work with because despite all the difficulties that they face nowadays, they are able to deliver high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils using natural methods.

We believe in cooperation. By sharing our passion, we have created an amazing selection of products to deliver directly to your table.

Discover the farmers who are producing the Extra Virgin Olive Oils from our permanent collection and their stories by clicking on the pictures below.