Tallarita Gift Box - Bell'Omio Olive Oil and 3 delicious pestos

Tallarita Gift Box - Bell'Omio Olive Oil and 3 delicious pestos

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This beautiful giftbox contains a bottle of Agrestis Bell'Omio, 500 ml and 3 pesto

Agrestis Bell'Omio

Type: Extra Virgin

Harvest: 2019/2020

Producer: Agrestis 

Region:  The Province of SyracuseSicily, Italy

Product description: 

  • Award-winning organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from the native Sicilian Tonda Iblea Olive. 
  • On the nose the Bell'Omio has hints of tomato, fresh cut grass and a delicate sensation of basil, apple and artichokes. This beautiful Olive Oil reflects in its flavour the intense aromas of herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano  which grow amongst the olive trees.  It has a balanced, full body with a long lasting finish. 
  • No preservatives, artificial colours or aromas added.
  • Two phases cold extraction of the first press

Pairs best with:  salads, risotto, dip, marinated tuna, red meat, vanilla ice cream.

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3 delicious pestos

Pesto “Capuliato” is a part of the gastronomic Sicilian tradition. Excellent to add on canapé and appetizers such as toasted bread slices and  bruschettasIt can be added to enrich soups, creams and meat. It is particularly indicated as a seasoning for pasta dishes, especially spaghetti.

Ingredients: Sundried Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chilli, Parsley, Basil, Garlic, Salt.

Almond and Capers Pesto is a traditional Sicilian preparation. The savour of the capers paired with the sweet almond create a balanced and tasty pesto. Lovely to use in the oven with chicken or white fish, as a pasta sauce and/or on steamed/boiled veggies. 

Ingredients: Capers, Almonds,  Agrestis extra virgin olive oil, Garlic, Vinegar.

Wild Fennel Pesto is made with the Monte Iblei wild fennel. The harvest of the fennel occurs in the month of April when the savour and perfume are more intense to produce, together with tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts an excellent seasoning with a unique taste. Great to pair with any fish... I love to put it on and around pieces of cod, wrap that in parchment paper and then bake those parcels in the oven.  A feast! 

Ingredients: Wild fennel, Agrestis extra virgin olive oil, Garlic, Raisin, Pine nuts, Cherry tomatoes, Lemon juice.

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