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Did you know…that you can make scented candles out of OliveOil?

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It’s a harmless alternative to the usual scented candles! All you need are two ingredients: OliveOil and clementine oranges ?

  1. Gently and evenly slice around the center of the clementine, piercing all the way through the peel and gently remove each side — these will become the base and if you want the cap for your candle.
  2. Be careful not to tear any part of the peels when removing and the most important part of this step is in getting a good “wick.” At least one side of your peeled caps should retain the long piece of flesh that extends from the center of the peel cap into the middle of the clementine.
  3. Once you have a wick intact, lay it flat like a bowl on a flat surface and pour olive oil in the base, enough to form a generous pool. You’ll want the oil to soak in the clementine peel and wick for about a minute before trying to light.
  4. If you want, you can make a candle cover with the other half of the peel.
  5. Now you can light your clementine candle!

Our tip: Drop some of our Mandarino OliveOil in the end for a nice fresh smell!

Find more information here

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