For 3 persons

12 Argentinian shrimp tails
4 slices of fresh ananas
2 tbsps Gran Verde extra virgin OliveOil
2 tbsps extra virgin OliveOil
1 teaspoon cane sugar
White pepper
Chilli powder


Wash and shell the shrimps, then remove the intestine. After that, drain and dry using paper towel.
Marinate the shrimps for a couple of hours in a mixture of 2 tbsp of Gran Verde OliveOil, salt and ground pepper, mixing every now and then. Cut the slices of pineapple into 4 parts then start caramelise the sugar adding 2 tablespoons of extra virgin OliveOil and a hint of chilli powder; brown the pineapple as long as it is brightly colored. Leave to cool and then stick 2 pieces of shrimp and 1 of pineapple on each skewer, or alternate the fish and the fruit to get a sweeter taste.