Courela do Zambujeiro – Organic OliveOil from Portugal

In Portugal, 130 km to the east of Lisbon, Quinta Courela do Zambujeiro is situated in a nature park in the Alentejo. The ancestors of farmer Eduarda started producing OliveOil and port-wine hundreds of years ago. Eduarda and Michel carry on this tradition, and are extremely successfully! They produce high-quality, organic extra-virgin OliveOil according to traditional methods!

Courela do Zambujeiro in portugees means: Country of old olive trees. Many of the trees used for the Oils of Zambujeiro are at least 1000 year old. The olives are harvested by hand and cold-pressed immediately after harvesting, to create the highest quality OliveOil. This OliveOil is characterized by a refined, nutty flavour with a touch of wood and earth. A really unique flavour in the world of OliveOil!