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The Farmers

Meet our Farmers

Our passion for taste and sustainable food is what drives us each year to find the very best organic OliveOil products of independent farmers in Mediterranean countries. In these countries olive trees flourish well, orchards stretch as far as the eye can see and the influences of soil, sun & surrounding vegetation are reflected in the pure taste of the products selected.

We administer a careful selection process for both farmer and product to ensure the best tasting products!

We believe and highly value a sustainable production process. Therefore completely organic products without any artificial watering, fertilization or pest control fit perfectly with our values. By leaving nature to run its course, oils from varying regions taste different. Whether it is the influences of volcanic soil in Sicily, the sunny climate in Umbria or the medieval sea breeze in Calabria, the taste can be distinguished in the various OliveOils. The surrounding grasslands, herbs and fruit trees contribute to the oil’s palate of flavours. Even nut or vanilla flavours can be found in these organic Olive Oil products. Moreover, the devotion of the farmers who produce the great products, is the secret ingredient that makes the OliveOils taste even better!

In the past couple of years a preselection has been made of delicious olive oil products and 95% of our products have been awarded an organic certification by the European Union, which is shown by the quality mark on the bottles.

We believe in cooperation. By sharing our passion, we can bring these lovely products directly to your table. For example, in close collaboration with Agrestis we developed dried olives with orange peel and chili. A tasty, fair snack and a wonderful appetizer.

Get to know our farmers by clicking on the pictures below!



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