A delight when the winter ends, when the ground covers of multicolored flowers, where we can see rabbits walking between trees, storks returning at the end ofr noon, where we can hear sheeps bleat out,at night observe the owl which looks at us on its branch of olive tree , smell all the aromas which wrap Farm and which wake in us the sensations of a world which we believed has for ever disappeared.

Let time to pass in our 10 hectares of hundred-year-old olive trees which surround Farm or, if you prefer, appreciate a tasting of our 100% organic olive oil Courela do Zambujeiro or of our red wine “3 Compadres”.

Know Redondo, typical Alentejo where time goes by slowly, fascinate you for Évora, classified World heritage of the Humanity, cross the lake of Alqueva, climb the medieval village of Monsaraz, observe the manual manufacturing of the carpets of Arraiolos, let be amazed by Vila Viçosa and its marble quarries.

The night you will wait and dream under a starry sky of an absolute transparency, where the Milky Way with millions of light years distance meet with satellites and falling stars, the night is a show, the night is alive, the night in alentejo prepares you for a child sleep, and may be time is going to stop for you and all the ones you love or cheers.


The Olive Oil Galega is only extracted from olives of the variety Galega, picked on old trees between 80 years and 1000 years.

The natural aroma of the organic extra virgin olive oil Courela do Zambujeiro is due to aromatic plants on the ground of our olive grove.

Olives are picked at maturity, and transformed the same day, only through mechanical processes. The Olive oil is then extracted through cold process (first cold extraction ), settled naturally without filtration. it results from it an oil balanced with a low acidity perfect for whatever dish it is, either salad, with a resistance at high temperatures which permits to cook it.

Courela do Zambujeiro proposes you the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in packagings glass of 500ml and 750ml or cans 2,5 liter metal