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About Us

Europe's most Special Olive Oil Products Farm-to-Table






What do we do

GreenBites offers sustainable farmers an online marketing and sales platform, where they can sell their products directly to end consumers.

At GreenBites we give selected OliveOil farmers the opportunity to let consumers taste our farmers products and order either via European marketplaces or,  for GreenBites friends, at two consolidated order moments per year via our GreenBites offices in the Netherlands.  GreenBites has “ friends” in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Our mission: We at GreenBites facilitate with a passion for taste and quality the distribution of special (OliveOil) products directly from farm-to-table. We promote sustainable products, a healthy lifestyle and fair prices for the farmer and the consumer. Our dream is to become the largest online farm-to-table platform for selected farmers who produce  high quality and sustainably produced (preferably vegan) products.


Every year GreenBites researches the most special sustainable (OliveOil) products from farmers in the Mediterranean region. We do this via trade fairs, workshops, competitions, congresses and in some cases, we follow up personal recommendations. All products are unique in their own category and special in origin, taste and application. We have an objective selection process for the farmers and the products and are continuously looking to expand our offer. Every spring and autumn we let our GreenBites friends taste the new harvest and products and facilitate consolidated orders directly with the farmer. GreenBites is not only about honest prices on premium sustainable products. It is also about promoting the sustainable production of delicious, healthy food.

Want to join us?

Would you like to support our selected farmers and help us grow a collection of high quality, sustainable products? You can do this with a small one-time contribution by becoming a GreenBites friend. You profit from a discount of 20% on the consolidated ordermoments and be part of a community which shares their love for honest food. PS: However even without becoming a member of the community you can support the farmers with your order via marketplaces like and amazon for the normal retail prices.

But of course, it is much more fun to become a friend (-: Hope to see you soon on our platform!


Your GreenBites Europe team. Xoxo

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