GreenBites offers sustainable farmers an online marketing and sales platform, where they can let consumers taste and buy their organic products.

Straight from farm-to-table at GreenBites, now available in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In 2010 Dagmar Janousek decided to combine her experience in business development and marketing/communication with her passion for sustainable and healthy food. Scouting international food fairs for trends and sustainable food, she was most fascinated by the vast variety of OliveOils per region. A few years and visits to organic OliveOil producers across the Mediterranean further, GreenBites was born. Today, GreenBites is an online marketing & sales platform, which is part of ESSD-consulting, an Amsterdam firm specialised in second stage start-ups. Over the years Dagmar got her accreditation as Savantes Associate specializing in the tasting and evaluating of extra virgin OliveOils from all over the world. She also participates and speaks at international EVOO conferences about cross-industry trends and shares her expertise as business developer. Dagmar is a member of the Dutch Slowfood organization and actively promotes vegan trends.


How it works

Every year GreenBites researches the most special organic (OliveOil) products from farmers in the Mediterranean region. We do this via trade fairs, workshops, competitions, congresses and in some cases, we follow up personal recommendations. All products are unique in their own category and special in origin, taste and application. We have an objective selection process for the farmers and the products and are continuously looking to expand our offer. Once both parties come to an agreement, GreenBites sets the producer up on e-commerce channels and promotes the products and brand via social media, influencers and a small but dedicated group of GreenBites members.


About becoming friend

Do you like delicious and sustainable food, value traditionally prepared products and believe in fair trade? Then become a part of our GreenBites friends Community!

With a one-time contribution of €35, you can become a friend of the GreenBites Community and enjoy several benefits:
1. You will get a 20% discount on products
2. You will be up-to-date with new recipes containing OliveOil
3. Yearly you will receive invitations for tastings, cooking workshops and other events which are related to delicious, organic food
4. Together with the other members you will determine the offer on our platform
5. You are helping sustainable farmers to promote their unique products

PS: You don’t necessarily have to become a member of the Community – You can also buy our special (OliveOil) products at normal retail prices in the webshop – but of course becoming a friend is more fun (-:


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