Fattoria Ramerino Olive Oil



First generation agricultural entrepreneur

Born in Adria (province of Rovigo, in the Veneto region) in 1976, Filippo Alampi arrived in Florence in 1981. He took his first steps into the agricultural sector, on the island of Elba, in his family’s company that had produced wine and olive oil since the 1960s. In the year 2000, he returned to Florence to manage FattoriaRamerino, of which he is now the owner.



Filippo is engaged in every stage of the transformation

Filippo oversees all phases of production, processing and development, assisted by a reliable internal and external team of staff and collaborators. Filippo is engaged in every stage of the transformation, from fruit to extra virgin olive oil, through to the creation of four labels. He also personally manages all national and international exhibitions, and public relations with Italian and foreign commercial partners.