Mediterranea Olive Oil: Our history ... a path sailed over time 



"The father of my father grew his olive trees in the barren land of Calabria, where the pathways were still the main communication routes that this poor country knew. Nevertheless, his love for the land, for the sun that kissed the soil every morning and the respect for the hard work in the fields, crossed our family through generations.


My father treasured these origins and when he came back from Africa, after the Second World War, he started taking care of our olive groves with that passion, that sense of duty, which characterized his whole life.


From my early age I started to lead the family business alongside my father, innovating every day through small but constant steps, but never forgetting his teachings which lead me, even today, to consider my job the focus of my life.


Thanks to him, my love for the soil and for those wonderful trees, with their silver leaves still fills my heart today and induces my perseverance to do better. A love that, I hope, I will be able to pass on to my daughters and that I already passed to my wife that, with passion, is following my steps since twenty years.


Innovation and tradition, history and high technology are the engines that drive our actions every day and the roots that our company retraces daily to carry on its work. From the quality standards on production processes, to direct and fair relationships with our customers and partners, our work is based on innovation with an eye always turned to our history and tradition


So, now for over twenty-five  years, I have dedicated my thoughts and behavior to a sustainable and aware agriculture taking care mainly to anthropic and ethical aspects of production rather than results in terms of  numbers; dedicating with body and soul to an effective natural and organic agriculture,  conscious that a sustainable process can help all of us to live a better life "


Antonello Anastasi

founder Mediterranean Foods srl